We are the minimalistic metal lovers..

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

One of the most fundamental elements of art is the line and every single line means something…
Metal Art Studio is a representative space of a several talented modern designers and artists who are crazy about ‘The Metal Majestyʼ possibilities. Life is an art, and art is life to us.

People just like yourself, you absolute legend.

Our entire artwork and majority of our home decor is 100% handmade from start to finish and its made of high quality stainless metals. All designed and crafted by professional artist and assembled by hand in our studio here in Lithuania.

The decorations you choose to adorn your walls and shelves, coupled with the right furniture, make up the most important elements as you decorate or remodel a contemporary living space. It sets the tone for your room and can create a statement and environment that people will long to emulate. Bare walls are a travesty that must be avoided at all costs! Make sure your art represents you and your home in a way that will be remembered. Take a look at our collection and let us help you find the perfect piece for your space!